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Welcome to the Allied Tactical Squadron forum. Please post and use the forum. The more we use it the better it will be. Limited recruitment is still available to pilots of all skill levels. Apply in-game with your limited API and user ID. Direct questions via EVE mail to Tactikill.
Allied Tactical Squadron - EVE Online

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Welcome to Allied Tactical Squadron's Forums. Any questions, contact Chucker Harris.
Check the Jump Bridge and POS Information sticky under the Alliance Operations Section for updated information and maps. Check this daily!!

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 Limited Recruitment Now Open

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PostSubject: Limited Recruitment Now Open   Tue Jul 21 2009, 08:24

Allied Tactical Squadron is a looking for a few members. Limited recruitment is open now for EU and US timezones. ATS is a low-sec and 0.0 PvP oriented corporation with strong roots in player combat development.

Although we are serious about PvP, we are a mature, fun corporation that values teamwork and camaraderie more than anything else.

If you enjoy a well run corporation with skilled pilots who are always willing to help, then convo or EVE-Mail Recruiter Neo 316. We provide a killboard, forums, Ventrilo and Fleet Commanders. We also have a ship replacement program.

5M minimum skillpoint requirement (no minimums for Allied Tactical Proving Grounds, our PvP training arm). Exceptions can be made for referrals by Full Members.

We are going to have an impact on EVE. Join now and help shape the future of New Eden Twisted Evil

If you are interested in being part of our great corporation, please post a new thread, answering the following questions:

EVE Name:
Skills (cap ships, e-war, logistics, etc):
Referred by:

Once the app is in, we will move it from the thread for a vote by the executive. Note, if you are not comfortable posting your details here, send an in-game mail to Neo 316. Thanks Very Happy
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Limited Recruitment Now Open
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