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 Alliied Tactical Squadron now offers free training to would-be PvPers!

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PostSubject: Alliied Tactical Squadron now offers free training to would-be PvPers!   Wed Aug 12 2009, 13:12

We have just launched a PvP training corporation called Allied Tactical Proving Grounds. In this corp, we'll train you in all the basics needed to become a good PvP pilot. Once you graduate from this school you'll be able to join the main corp's PvP operations and if things work out, be invited to join. Good luck to all and have fun. The contact for the new corporation is Impudicus or Voxpopuli.


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Posts : 199
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PostSubject: Re: Alliied Tactical Squadron now offers free training to would-be PvPers!   Sun Oct 11 2009, 14:43

EVE is a complicated game. there an infinite number of things to do and an infinite way to go about doing them.

This training curriculum is a guide to getting the basics correct before engaging in operations with the parent corporation (ATSQ).

Once you've completed this guide, you'll have a good basic knowledge of how to effectively function as a member of a PvP corporation and will have the medal to prove it! From that point, you will be allowed to join our operations and gain even more experience.

Sample Curriculum:

Overview Setup
- PvP Tab (just neutrals, hostiles and beacons)
- Mission Tab (NPCs, structures, wrecks)
- Safe Tab (Planets and stargates)
- Allies Tab (Corpmates and fleetmates)
- All Tab (Everything including drones and fighters)

Fleet Ops
- Communicating, when to talk and what to say
- Using Ventrilo, chats and EVE mail
- Holding on gates (cloaked, at your optimal, remaining within jump distance, etc)
- Setting your ship's speed
- Aligning
- Warping

PvP Operations
* Scan ranges and what they mean
* How to use the F-11 key in conjuction with scanning
* Linking your overview to the scans
* Finding ships in space
* Scanning while in combat to identy incoming hostiles

* Quickest vs safest in your autopilot
* Agression counters on gates and stations and what they mean for docking and jumping
* Sentry and gate guns in low-sec
* Setting destinations
* Accessing your bookmarks
* Warping to fleet members

* How to quickly target (crtl+left click from the overview)

-Safe spots
* Creating them quickly
* Creating them exactly where you want them

-How to save your Pod after your ship dies
- Jumping through the gate
- Getting ready to warp away and what to warp to
- Avoiding bubbles in 0.0
- Clone insurance and setting up the clone station

- What to do after you get podded
- replacing implants
- re-insuring!!!

Watch lists - how to set them up and how to use them
Broadcats - how to react to and use broadcasts in fleet

Ship Fitting

* To rig or not to rig.....
* Passive vs active tanking
* Speed tanking
* Electronic warfare and ECCM countermeasures
* Standard fits for popular ships
* Dealing damage (ammo types, ranges, transverals, drone operations)
* Weapon Grouping

- What types of ships to watch out for (eWar, Neuting, Sniping, Tacking, etc)

* How clones work (medical clones, jump clones and clone insurance)
* Turning off the CPSP charge
* ATSQ Public Channel - what you can safely say in there
* ATSQ Forums
* ATSQ Bases in high and low-sec
* Global Criminal Countdown - don't jump into high-sec!

All this and much more. Roams and ops most nights, come check us out and learn about the most exciting part of EVE cheers

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Alliied Tactical Squadron now offers free training to would-be PvPers!
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