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Welcome to the Allied Tactical Squadron forum. Please post and use the forum. The more we use it the better it will be. Limited recruitment is still available to pilots of all skill levels. Apply in-game with your limited API and user ID. Direct questions via EVE mail to Tactikill.
Allied Tactical Squadron - EVE Online

Forums for the Allied Tactical Squadron and Allies
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Welcome to Allied Tactical Squadron's Forums. Any questions, contact Chucker Harris.
Check the Jump Bridge and POS Information sticky under the Alliance Operations Section for updated information and maps. Check this daily!!

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PostSubject: RECRUITING NOW OPEN!!!   Tue Jun 29 2010, 08:46

We are currently looking for competent pilots willing to learn to take care of themselves or that already do so. We currently hold sov in 0.0 and are well established looking to take more. We offer fully upgraded systems for ratting and expect you to protect them when the time comes. what better to spend the billions you've made than on a ship to help you keep your source of income. If lowsec is your wing our pirate leaders will show you the way to enlightenment. We are currently accepting all players however you will need a limited api key and having the ability to fly logistics or hics is a plus.

Please feel free to shoot me a mail or convo in game as I'm a loser with no life and always on.
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